In Ilabo we create software for factories to produce more and better.

We connect your factory assets with cloud based data processing system. We collect data from machines to enable analysis and access from everywhere in the world.

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Systems to identification, labelling, scanning, tracking and reporting the production

  • LogicPrint Basic

    Printing labels and reporting the production on individual devices (Markem, Unilogo, Logopak, Mectec)

  • LogicPrint Master

    Labelling Middleware between lines and the ERP system - managing printing with labelling and reporting ready production

  • LogicPrint Pharma

    System of the serialization, labelling, confirming the correctness, repacking and reporting to EUHUB/EMVO - for pharmacy



Industry 4.0 IOT platform for production monitoring

  • LogiX Basic

    Collecting data from machines and devices with artificial intelligence analysis

  • LogiX Master

    Production processes managed in the cloud.

Autonomus Factory 4.0

Adaptive system for production planning to enable autonomous work of the factory. Built based on advanced Industry 4.0 technologies and Internet-of-Things (IoT). Dynamic optimization with use of production process data ( progress of orders/tasks, state of the device/line ) and artificial intelligence reasoning (AI) e.g. automatic line incidents classification, downtimes prediction