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We are specialists in operating technology- we create a software supporting industrial and business processes.
We have separated ILABO form UNILOGO structures in 2010 as a company specialized in solutions in production area software.

From UNILOGO we inherited many years of experience (since 1998) in solving problems in factories. Our biggest implementations are corporate ones in area of Labeling&Trace (Carlsberg, Unilever) and in area of production monitoring and automatic quality control.
In 2015 we integrated all scattered modules from different implementations into one coherent production management system- SmartMES.
In the next step we expanded it to the module of production planning- Advanced Planning. Since this is our original platform we have a complete ability to adapt the system to the specificities of the market, however we are trying to listen to the customer’s needs and generalize the issue in order to expand the functionality of the SmartMES system instead of building dedicated/closed solutions. We also provide R&D – in 2013 we received funding for an innovative project in the area of production reporting using CloudComputing and currently doing research on the modern form of data visualization on the production floor.

Ilabo specialists

In Ilabo our employees successfully combine passion with professional development

Dariusz Dąbrowski


mobile 48 887 452 261

Krzysztof Janiszewski

Implementation & Service Manager

mobile +48 887 452 262

Konrad Lipner

Head of Development Team


Magda Warpas



Grzegorz Wąchała

Senior Programmer

mobile +48 785 045 226

Szymon Dąbrowski

Senior Programmer

mobile +48 782 445 226

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