Labelling logistics, product tracking, production reporting

The main pillars of the functionalilty


Support processes of automatic labeling

Integration with production line in order to distribute labels in a synchronous cycle. Contextual recognition of the products through scanning given product/box or downloading data concerning the source line.


Automatic information about manufactured goods

Reliable and credible reporting of manufactured goods to the central ERP system and internal systems. Executed with 100% data continuity preserved.


Products tracking

Access to batches’ status, history and hierarchy (package: individual/bulk) via www portal.

Key benefits

where does the value come from

  • Guarding the uniqueness and continuity of the SSCC numbering even in the event of disruption of communication.
  • Elasticity in modelling of logistic labels along with variables (fields) and rules of data generating based on data source
  • Automation of labels printing process – coordination with various models of applicators, integration with automatic work line control systems and support of manual printing
  • Reliable and credible reporting of manufactured goods to the central ERP system and/or other internal systems (for more information read case study for Carlsberg)
  • Uniform operator interface regardless of machine/labeler in use
  • Adjustment to already present infrastructure – integration with sources of data on the plant (production orders, materials file)
  • Support of different types of batches (possibility of dedicating SSCC/range of numbers for internal use only): regular, empty, residual, repacking
  • Monitoring of actions taken by the worker due to ability of defining personal accounts
  • Central processing of print requests (multithreading) providing clear preview of each printout in the SmartMES client

Success factors

why this works


Adjust it according to your needs – the Labelling&Trace module can be used both to work with individual devices and as a standard Labelling Middleware between ERP systems and production line in case of corporate implementations.


Labbeling&Trace provides smooth and easy cooperation with various different applicator models as well as integration with systems managing automatic work of production lines. It allows for full modelling of logistic labels and possibility to generate own reports.


Due to possibility to work both online (data processed on server) and offline (data buffering on computer dedicated to the machine) Labelling&Trace allows to maintain continuity of work as well as consistency and credibility of data being transferred to external systems.


See how Ilabo SmartMES systems present itself in practice

Labelling & Trace Module provides:

  • Modeling of logistic labels with variables (fields) and rules-generation data based on the data sources
  • Integration with data sources in your factory (production orders, material file)
  • Automate label printing – cooperation with various types of applicators, integration with line control in automatic mode
  • Manual printing operating
  • Checking uniqueness numbers SSCC (mechanisms alarms upon detection of non-compliance)
  • Unified operator interface regardless of the used machine / labeling machine

  • Work online (data processed on the server) and offline (with caching data on your computer at the machine) with continuity check / notify external systems of production volume
  • Corporate implementation models (Labelling system as a standard middleware between ERP (SAP) and production line as part of the so-called automated reporting manufactured goods (finished goods automatic registration)
  • With vast experience in the implementations of automatic marking we take into an account a number of specific processes (half pallets, pallets of empty bottles, dollies) and integrate with multiple systems


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