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We use cutting edge IoT and Cloud technologies to collect data from machines, analyze it and give you access from anywhere in the world.

We support also scanning, recognizing and labelling produced goods packs and pallets and reporting them to central ERP system - all done automatically and live.

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01 LogiX


IOT based platform for production assets monitoring and production processes improvement

  • LogiX Boost Your Factory productivity with AI

    LogiX it is a platform for linked assets monitoring, breakdowns automatic classification and production processes improvements.  LogiX gives live advices and warnings about bottlenecks in production processes. LogiX enables you to track energy consumption, production order progress, and operators workload. Built in industry intelligence process all collected data to identify root causes of the problems and generate useful advices.

  • LogiX Boost your factory processes.

    • Scheduling
    • Maintenance
    • Components
    • Quality control
    • Tasks management
02 LogicPrint


System for automatic scanning, identification, generating unique identifiers (SSCC, serialization), labelling/marking packs and pallets with finished goods and reporting goods produced to central ERP or central database systems (in pharma: EMVO)

  • LogicPrint Basic

    Automatically printing labels and finished goods reporting. Integration with plenty of automatic labellers (Unilogo, Markem, Logopak, Mectec, Bornbinder, Videojet, Sato, Cab, Intermec)

  • LogicPrint Master

    Automatic finished goods reporting and labelling middleware solution. It connects production lines where pallets are created to ERP/WMS system. It covers all GS1 standards for logistic labels creation (SSCC unique numbering, batch, bbd creation..). Together with build in pack labelling features it gives you reliable solution for marking and counting goods produced.

  • LogicPrint Pharma

    LP Master features tailored to Pharma requirements. Creation of new IDs, repacking processes, EMVO reporting (1.3, 1.4, 1.5)

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