Cloud platform for industry monitoring.

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Industry 4.0 IOT platform FOR production monitoring

LogiX Basic

Collecting data from machines and devices with artificial intelligence analysis

  • Factories assets production monitoring
  • Automatic downtimes detection
  • Online OEE calculation
  • Ranking and comparison of factories and shifts
  • Create your own downtimes notifications & classification rules
  • Deep proces parameters monitoring
  • Built-in and continuously extended machines dictionary
  • Al/machine learning features:
    - Automatic downtime reason deduction
    - Anomaly detection and early warnings
    - Preventive maintenance tips and machine health indication

LogiX Master

Production processes managed in the cloud.

  • Maintenance management [CMMS]
  • Components for the production management [RMM]
  • Quality managment [QM]
  • Staff managment and tasks routing [SM]
  • Documentation managment [DM]

Logix Vendor

Customers machines and devices diagnostics

  • Statistics, reports and history of problems in different conditions exploitation - to improve your machines
  • Monitoring conditions of exploitation (temperature, humidity, pollination)
  • Elements consumption monitoring
  • AI models for predicting downtimes optimized for your machine
  • Automatic components and consumables order and service
  • Offer machines as a service
  • Own brand of the monitoring system like UNILOGO PackOS

Home appliances monitoring in the cloud

Give your customers access through their smartphone to:

  • Information about electricity usage
  • Hints for usage optimization:
    "pack the full batch once into our washing machine, instead of 2 partial you will save the XX PLN"
  • Hints for solving problems:
    "you should clean the filter, here you are supposed as it to do\ the guide"
  • JustInTime services
  • Create your own home appliances Powered by LogiX